For next time the Samsung WiFi printer fails…

So… every six months or so my Samsung Wifi printer refuses to print. OSX loses the connection. I need to do some magic combination of reinstallation of the printer in OSX to make it work. This last time nothing seemed to work but finally I did this:

  • removed reserved IP in router for the printer
  • restarted router to unreserve any IP's
  • added a new reserved IP on the printers MAC (not the same as before)
  • redid the WPS thing. long press on printer to reset (led goes from on to off), press 2+ seconds to reinitiate WPS (blinking), press WPS on router
  • reinstall printer from bonjour

That seemed to do the trick. Something somewhere seemed to have been cached on the IP that made it so nothing I did (reset print system in OSX, reinstalled drivers, printer, redid the WPS connection) worked. Only by changing the printers IP did it work again. So Note To Self. + never buy Samsung again.