I just connected an old Microsoft Ergo 4000 keyboard to my MBP. I got the setup question to press the key next to left shift. Then I switched alt/windows option/command so it's the same as on the built in laptop keyboard and thought that was it.

After a while I noticed it doesn't map §° and <> correctly:


Want to setup again, but can't.

Installed Microsoft drivers intellitype but they seem to not find any microsoft keyboard since osx already eaten it I guess.

So I press "Change keyboard type" in osx pref pane. Nothing happens. Sometimes the button is there and sometimes not. Many reboots.


"no unknown keyboard connected - terminating!"



sudo rm -f /Library/Preferences/com.apple.keyboardtype.plist  
sudo reboot  

Then I installed Intellisense FIRST and after that I identified the type with osx pref pane by pressing the key next to left shift. Now the keys are correctly mapped.

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